The End Credits

This week will be the last week of work-study. Every week I’ve talked about some aspect of my first year experience, but I haven’t really talked about work. The truth is that this job has been a huge part of that experience. If I wasn’t blogging my experience, I would probably not have thought about my experiences in the same way. My life isn’t very interesting. I go to class, try to get my work done on time, figure out how to survive on my own, and try to get some sleep before I get up and do it all over again. Figuring out how to write something interesting based on that was a challenge that has definitely changed the way I think about things.

This job has been important in my life also because it was my first job ever. I’m so lucky that my first job entailed doing something I love and working with amazing people. I am extremely grateful to all of the lovely people at utmONE for giving me this opportunity and for the fantastic experience that came with it. When I applied for this job, I didn’t think I would get it because I didn’t have much experience. Coming out of this job, I can’t imagine what my first year would have been like without it.

So this is my official thank you to everyone I have worked with. Thank you Jackie, Annie, and Michael for being less like employers and more like support systems through the year, and thank you Anxhelaa and Karissa for great memories and thoughts we would share at meetings.

And, of course, thank you, my readers, for coming back week after week to read what I write. I hope you found it relatable and entertaining.

But wait, there’s more!

The work-study may be over, but the term isn’t and neither are my posts! I hope you enjoyed my blog so much that you will continue to check back here each week for new blog posts.

See you back here soon! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The End Credits

  1. Thanks Parnika for your kind words! It is touching to know that this experience had such a positive impact on your first-year here at UTM! We very much enjoyed having YOU as a member of this team – and your willingness to let us inside your world week after week! I am glad that we can look forward to more posts in the months to come! Jackie


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