Return of the Homesick

When you live on your own for some time, you get to the point when you feel like you’re totally getting used to everything. But then, there will come events that remind you that you’re far from home. For me, one of these events is coming up and one just passed. I knew of and could prepare myself for the one that’s coming up: it’s my mother’s birthday next week and I won’t be home for it. The one that just passed was unexpected: a snow day.

At home, snow days entailed relaxed days and family movie nights in warm blankets with tea or hot chocolate. We would get the phone call in the morning about school being canceled and my parents would just let me sleep in. On Monday, I got up, saw the text that the university was closed, and went back to sleep. I did watch TV and drink tea that day, but by myself in my dorm. It was nice to have a day off since I’ve been so busy lately, but it was a bit saddening, too. No matter how far you come, the “firsts” of each event you do without your loved ones take you back a bit. That said, it’s important to remember that this is the time to be brand new in everything you say and do.

My snow day was preceded by a great day full of fantastic adventures with my friend. We went to the Toronto Tea Festival, I finally tried poutine, we completely froze as we tried to find our way back to Hart House during a winter storm, and, best of all, we spent almost 2 hours back in the dorms drinking tea and having a conversation almost entirely consisting of tea puns. Are we silly? Of course. Was it a fantastic day? Absolutely. And these fun memories are what get you through the days that feel wrong because they’re just not the same as they once were. New friends don’t replace old friends or family, but they get added on to that group and help form new traditions, routines, and memories.

And how was your snow day?


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