10 Ways You Know It’s Winter In Canada

When I go back to the US, I always get questions about Canada, and especially about Canadian winter. Here are the top ten things that have been making me say “You know it’s Canadian winter when…”

    1. You get excited about the fact that the weather is going to be nicer as soon as it hits the 20s (Fahrenheit; about -6 ◦C).
    2. You tunnel your way through a bunch of long, winding corridors and hallways to avoid being outside when you need to get from class to class.  Meerkats of UTM.meerkats
    3. It takes longer to get ready as you put on protective armor before your daily battle… with the freezing cold. Thermal. Sweater/Fleece/Sweatshirt. Coat. Scarf. Gloves. Fuzzy socks. Winter boots.  That’s a solid 5 minutes that you could have spent sleeping back in the fall.
    4. You have to make the difficult temperature choice each day. Spend another year or so taking off all of that winter gear at the start of lecture (and another putting it back on at the end), or melt into a puddle in the overheated lecture halls?
    5. A seriously depressing moment in your day is if your scarf (or your gloves) falls somewhere wet with snow that got dragged inside. I mean, I guess I can just freeze.
    6. The snow is extremely glittery. New Jersey’s snow doesn’t look like it came from Ke$ha’s makeup kit.
    7. You don’t even bother hoping for a snow day anymore. Probably not going to happen.  Ever.
    8. Your life is filled with hot beverages. “Caution: Hot.”  -No problem, I’ll just stick this in that giant freezer that most people call “outside”.
    9. Nonessential trips = no. Sorry, I would love to stick around and chat out in the cold, but what can I say?  Blankets await.
    10. You constantly remind yourself to keep your eye on the prize. Four. Months. Of. Summer. Vacation.



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