The Soft-Ness Monster

It’s still only the beginning of the new semester, but for some, things may already seem overwhelming. The cold doesn’t help, either. When temperatures go sledding down steep hills and the sun decides to hit the snooze button longer than a lot of people can afford to, things can seem pretty miserable. Complaints about commutes, fear of getting sick, and post-holiday blahs are everywhere, and I totally get it. But life goes on and we go with it; all we can really do is find little ways to make things a little better each day. You need things that comfort.

What do you think of when you hear the word comfort? It’s often associated with “comfort food”, but different people find comfort in different things. In the not-so-easy transition last semester and continuing now, I’ve been surrounding myself with something that comforts me: things that are soft. I didn’t entirely realize it until recently, but it’s true. Soft/fuzzy socks, slippers, robes, fleeces, thermals, and blankets have taken over my dorm room. I’m the “soft-ness” monster and thrive on my obsession with the warmth and delicate sensation of soft clothing on my skin. It’s one of the best feelings ever to get back to my dorm after class and feel like my clothes are hugging me to make me feel better about the yucky way a lot of us are feeling right now.

Of course, there are other things that bring comfort. Warm showers after you’ve been out in the cold or having your room smell like someone’s baking something all the time are also helpful. Maybe it’s a fun activity, or a particular person you love talking to. Maybe it’s watching TV or just being really lazy once in a while. Whatever it may be, it’s something that you should find for yourself. On days when you feel like you just can’t, surrounding yourself with whatever comforts you might be just the little rejuvenation you need to motivate yourself.

What kind of comfort monster are you?


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