Into the Term

Into the term

It’s time to go

With papers to write

And texts to read

Into the term

With lecture notes

And Profs to lead the journey

Welcome back, readers! New year, new term. Vacation felt short, as vacations tend to do, but we’re all back now in 2015 for a fresh start. At least, that’s what it feels like to me. All of my classes are half-year so the first week back has been like a repeat of September. But this time, I wasn’t sick (thankfully!) and I wasn’t going in having no idea what to expect. I didn’t feel like a first year anymore but I didn’t feel like a second year student yet either, so I guess that puts me at a year 1.5 student. Some things are under control, but other things still can feel daunting.

The lines at the start of this post are my own university-themed rendition of Into the Woods. I really enjoyed watching the movie over break, and, as usual, I’ve found ways that it connects to life as a first year student.

Some of the lyrics are: “I have no fear/Nor no one should/The woods are just trees/The trees are just wood”. I guess textbooks are just trees, too, but they can be pretty terrifying. Especially when your readings have about 30 pages each for 3 different textbooks due tomorrow. When you’re first back from break and still in vacation mode, that’s a task you would rather not have to face, but you end up having to do it anyway. For me, the first week back has consisted mainly of these activities: sleeping, reading, going to lectures, and occasionally eating (and with that, occasional Netflix). Getting back to a routine is hard, but at least it’s easier than getting into said routine, as we had to in September.

Anyway, the plot of Into the Woods is relevant to frosh life, too.

WARNING: here begin spoilers for Into the Woods, for those who don’t know the story.

Basically, following some serious plot twists, the fairytale characters didn’t end up with the “Happily Ever After”s that we all know and love. Still, all of the characters who endured losses stuck together for a new beginning. What does that have to do with university life? We have finished a term recently and are getting results back. How did you do? Well, it doesn’t really matter now. It’s in the past and it’s gone. But if you faced disappointment at not getting what you had hoped for, either in university or in some other part of your life, just remember that this is 2015 and this is a new beginning. One of my favorite poems is If by Rudyard Kipling, in which he says “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster/And treat those two imposters just the same” and “If you can make one heap of all your winnings/And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss/And lose, and start again at your beginnings/And never breathe a word about your loss”. It’s a lot easier to quote inspirational ideas than to practice them, but at the start of this new year, it’s best to keep inspiration in your heart and to try to throw every yucky, sad, twisted issue of 2014 into the past.

Hope your new year treats you well 🙂


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