O Christmas Tree

“Silver bells, silver bells, it’s Christmas time in the city…”

As I’ve said in previous posts, Christmas has always been an important time of the year for me. It helps to have grown up near New York City, which is truly magical this time of the year. My family and I usually go to the city during Christmas to see decorations all along the streets, the Macy’s window display, and the beautiful Christmas tree. All of these things are so far away right now, but luckily, Mississauga has also begun getting into the Christmas spirit.

On Saturday, after hours of listening to Christmas carols, I went to Mississauga’s Tree Lighting event. People came out to celebrate despite rain and cold. There was music, food, skating, sleigh rides, crafts, face painting, pictures with Santa or Rudolf, and even a little toy train ride for kids. Everywhere you looked, you could see people laughing and dancing around. When Mayor McCallion lit up the tree, Celebration Square looked spectacular! The lights on the tree, around the skating rinks, and on the Civic centre were absolutely beautiful and even magical. My friend and I agreed it was a fantastic night!

It was great to be able to celebrate to get into the holiday spirit, and I’m so glad that I finally attended an event in Mississauga. I had not done anything to get involved in Mississauga before this, but I’m hoping that attending this one event will be a step towards many more fun-filled nights and community involvement. Christmas in New York is great, but Christmas in Mississauga seems like it’s pretty great, too!


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