Let It Go-Er…Snow!

In my mind, winter is officially here as soon as the first legitimate snowfall of the season happens. It was really weird for me to leave campus at the start of a fall weekend and to return on a wintery weekday. It felt like I had just missed a huge chunk of time.

There’s a lot of mixed emotions over snow. It’s like that one estranged relative on some TV shows that comes to stay for an extended period of time. At first it’s all fun and games and you’re all having a blast, but after a certain point that person just gets annoying and you just want to say “LEAVE.”

Watching snow dance and twirl in the air as it falls to the ground will never cease to enchant me. It’s so peaceful and perfect that while snow is falling, it makes everything around you feel magical, too. Then of course, there’s the fact that Christmas is coming up, and although I’m Hindu, Christmas has always been a big time of festivity for me. Since I went to Catholic school my whole life, this particular time of the year has meant teachers playing Christmas carols, decorations in the halls, Secret Santa, donating toys, and more. At UTM, holiday-themed coffee and hot chocolate drinks are already being sold. The first snowfall seems to be the official indicator that the holiday season has begun.

Besides all of that, there’s another reason why the snow made me happy: habit. There is a common knowledge ingrained into the minds of children of pretty much all ages in places that get a lot of snow: snow = no school. Thus began the student quest to get snow days as often as possible. I remember as a kid, this meant wearing my pajamas inside out and jumping on my bed ten times. I also know some of my friends had special dances that they would do during a snowy night. Habits don’t go away so easily, and I admit the excitement of a potential snow day filled my mind like a reflex the moment I saw the snow.

That said, snow has a bad side, too.

Like I said, snow indicates the start of winter. I know it’s November, but it still feels like it shouldn’t be winter yet. Winter = cold. Who wants to do stuff in the cold? Snow was definitely a lot more magical when I didn’t have to walk around in it much. But now, walking to class, doing laundry (in the townhouses the laundry machines are in a separate unit), getting groceries from OPH, or going to Square One all require a long routine of putting on your coat, gloves, scarf, etc. And, of course, there’s the process of getting all of that off at the start of a lecture and putting it on at the end, or of trying to write/type notes with limited mobility because you decided your coat is too comfortable and/or too much of a hassle to take off. And this is going to be life for the next…. way too long? *sigh*

Bottom line?   It’s cold. Cold is blah. I think I’m finally going to try embracing the bear life and just hibernate through winter. I mean, bears seem like they’ve got it all figured out anyway, right?

But I guess there’s work and exams and… just… life that has to be tended to through the cold, right?

At least there’s one fantastic gift that the snow has brought us to get through the cold winter months: Frozen songs are finally relevant to every aspect of life again!!! It’s time to embrace your inner Elsa and wonder what we all would have done without Disney saving the day (or days… or months) yet again. Every time I get inside a building, I’m going to pretend that I’m not shivering and tell myself through chattering teeth that “the cold never bothered me, anyway!” After all, Elsa ruled “Arendelle” and UTM is also “Erindale” campus so it’s like Frozen is just calling out to each of us, don’t you think?


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