Restless Heartbreak

The state of a relationship can often be summed up in song lyrics, and right now, Taylor Swift says it all for me: “What a sad, beautiful, tragic love affair…” I think I’m in need of couples counseling right now because I’m going through a really tough time with my love, my childhood sweetheart and soul mate: Sleep.

Over the years, Sleep and I have had our problems. Things would get in the way but we always worked it out. Even when the malicious alarm clock tried to separate us each and every day, sleep always welcomed me back hours later with open arms. Whenever I was with Sleep, life seemed like a wonderfully perfect dream.

BUT THEN… *cue dramatic music*

University has been hard on our relationship. We promised nothing would change but things have simply gotten worse and worse over time. It’s not Sleep, it’s me. I confess that I’ve been cheating on sleep…with schoolwork. It’s been exciting and dangerous being away from Sleep for a while, but as my relationship with schoolwork has progressed (maybe faster than it should have), I’m starting to feel like this new relationship is really not working for me. My relationship with schoolwork seems to be doing a lot more harm than good. We should have just stayed friends, because neither of us was ready to be so intensely committed, anyway. Maybe it was just infatuation and maybe I should have figured all of this out before, but now I’m stuck. Ashamed and in pain, I don’t know how Sleep and I could ever get back to what we had before, but I really wish we could.

So Sleep, this right here is my public declaration of my love for you and my sincerest apology. Take me back….?? Please???


One thought on “Restless Heartbreak

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