Duck, Duck, Poop

As much as it stinks, there’s an undeniable topic around residence that begs to be addressed, and it’s something that often makes people flush. Now, before your opinion of my writing goes down the toilet, I promise to get rid of the awful puns from here on out.

In a certain lecture last week, the professor ended with some videos about….you guessed it: poop. It actually was relevant to the lecture, but there’s only so much seriousness you can really maintain with this topic. The last video we watched had to do with a person spreading their feces EVERYWHERE. It was just a few minutes of I-don’t-know-how-the-heck-I-should-respond-to-this type awkward giggling, and then we went on our merry way.

And then, things got a bit too real.

One lovely thing about our campus is the wildlife. We so often see animals like deer, squirrels, and of course, geese. I expected to see many geese at the start of the school year and then progressively less as time went on and the weather got colder. Not only has the weather not gotten colder (am I really still in Canada in late September?) but the geese may possibly have gone on vacation for a week or two after our orientation, and now suddenly they’re back. Especially in Putnam Place, where there’s new grass.

I don’t know what’s worse, having our residence area smell like manure before they put in the grass or actually having to dodge little droppings all over the place now. Sure the geese are cute, as they lay resting on lazy Sunday afternoons or welcome you as soon as you leave your unit to get to class, but seriously, their “gifts” are just unwanted. Getting to your dorm requires you to keep your eyes on the ground at all times, and it’s likely that your thoughts often go a little something like “Eww, poop…eww, poop…eww, poop…” and you probably look an awful lot like you’re imagining yourself playing Dance Dance Revolution on the path that you’re walking on.

My message to our feathered friends? I love you, but please do your business elsewhere.  Our campus is not just one big toilet.

What do you have to say about our stinky situation?


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