Don’t Sweat It!

I tried. I tried SO HARD and I was doing SO WELL, but I got to the point where I just…couldn’t. I had to give in to…THE SWEATS.

Now just to be clear, there’s nothing inherently wrong with wearing sweats. Take a quick glance around campus and you see plenty of UofT sweatshirts and hoodies everywhere, and that’s perfectly awesome. But for me, it’s a little different. You see, I went to Catholic school my whole life and never had to actually get up and make a decision about what to wear every morning, so my idea of sweats is heavily influenced by my public school friends, and some of them have warned me of the “sweatshirt slump”. Even though I had a uniform in school, I ended up having a system that included a similar concept depending on how much I actually wanted to try in the morning.

So why is it so dramatic that I finally gave in to wearing a sweatshirt to class? Well, for me, my state of mind is very often reflected in how I’m dressed. It’s like “on a scale of ‘accessorized’ to ‘glasses and no eyeliner’, how absolutely done with everything are you today?” Getting to the ‘sweats’ stage is starting to lean towards the latter end of the scale, which is not a great place to be. Usually the “glasses and no eyeliner” stage (which, I guess would be ‘no makeup’ for some, if other people have a similar scale) is when I’ve slept for about an hour in the last two days and people talking around me is just kind of…noise. It’s not exactly a fun place to be. And for me, fighting the urge to give into the soft comfort of sweats is like fighting the stress of midterms that has struck most students like a plague.

It’s far from unreasonable that students are stressed right now. It was weird for me to realize I was giving my first midterm earlier this week, because I’m so used to midterms being in January, as they were in high school. Then I saw the December exam schedule and it finally hit me: we’re all cramming entire subjects into our brains in 3 months. How crazy is that? Honestly, after realizing that, I say go for the sweats, soft blankets, sugary food, and anything that’s comforting. I’m looking forward to the exam de-stressors at the library and being able to relax at home with my family over Thanksgiving weekend.

Midterms on the mind? Don’t sweat it! But do take comfort in any way you can, like wearing those soft, warm sweats.


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