Pleasure, Pain, and a Bit of Fun

Antsy. Impatient. I stared desperately at the clock waiting for the break in a late three-hour lecture at the end of a long day. Words registered in some small part of my brain while the rest of me felt absolutely restless. Part of me just really wanted to run to Tim Hortons. Yet, the moment our break began, I didn’t bolt out the door as quite a few of my classmates did. Instead, I did something really random. Without a thought, I flipped to the back of my notebook and began to sketch.

It wasn’t anything particularly exciting or interesting. I sketched a tree, with its branches stretching out, further and further and its roots extending almost off the page. Coffee? No, for fifteen minutes the world around me was a fuzzy blur that meant absolutely nothing. It made no difference whether it existed or who was around me. It wasn’t until the girl next to me commented on my sketch that I was jolted back into reality. Though I didn’t get up even once during the break, I was able to make it through the rest of the lecture.

This is a seemingly random bit of my week, but it made me think about how little time I have spent on hobbies since I have started university. Art has always been my life, from spending years as a student or volunteer teacher for fine arts, to basically living in our high school auditorium for performing arts. I haven’t participated in any of this since before I left home, and apparently, it was getting to me.

I’ve heard similar stories from other students, too. So to all you students out there who are in the same boat, get out. Now. Seriously.

It’s amazing to get back to doing something you love, so go for it! You may not realize how much you miss it until you start again. For me, art has been the thing to get me through everything. For some people, it’s singing, or dancing, or playing a sport, or running, or playing an instrument. The root of the word “passion” means “to suffer”, and it’s the intense feeling that sweeps you up and fills your mind when you do something that you’re passionate about that makes it so pleasuring and even purifying for the mind. For me, it’s the simple feeling of the pencil in my hand flying across the paper that makes every other sensation disappear. It’s that feeling of sound exploding from your throat, or the feeling of your feet pounding the ground, or the sensation of an instrument on your skin as you play. That intense feeling, pleasure through pain whisking away reality, is what really makes life worthwile.
And that’s also something that should never be sacrificed.

So go ahead, take a few minutes away from your books or socializing to do what you love.


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