Oh, the Irony

University life is often full of “firsts”. Sometimes that’s just because there are things you don’t experience until adulthood, and sometimes it’s just because that’s the way life worked out for you. On Friday, I had the latter kind of first: the first car accident I’ve ever been in. And in this first, I’ve seen just how ironic life can really be.

When you have a job like blogging, you often look for things remotely interesting to talk about in your blog because your own life may seem pretty uneventful. It turns out that when you think your life lacks excitement, excitement seems to deliver itself to you. It was an ordinary day, and I was going to a family friend’s house for the weekend. For a while, we just drove on the highway, talking about how much of a problem sleep and stress are in North America. Perfectly ordinary, perfectly fine.

Then came irony #2. As we drove along, I noted how it felt we were going really fast and recalled driving with another friend and feeling that, too. Now, I’ve lived and driven in New Jersey, which is one state in the U.S. that’s infamous for its terrible drivers. My dad once told me about how driving was strict when we lived in Canada, and that he had to take the test a few times before he passed. It seems times have changed, because I think I may have actually seen some worse driving in Canada than even New Jersey. The highway we were on was crowded and suddenly a car swerved into our lane in front of the car in front of us, then the person in front of us stopped abruptly. We also braked in time.

The irony is that as soon as we stopped, I thought “This is so dangerous; we could have gotten in an accident.” I just barely finished that thought when BOOM, I heard metal clank and felt the seat whack the back of my head, then felt a bit disoriented as the car jolted forward, then the seat was back, hitting my head.

For a moment, I had no idea what just happened. When we pulled over, I stayed in the car. I felt weird, like most of my brain was still in shock but a tiny part was responding to things happening around me. I wondered vaguely if I had a concussion, when irony #3 happened: there was discussion of concussions playing on the radio. Seriously? Of all the things that they could be talking about, it had to be concussions. As if I needed more reason to worry or wonder if the universe was trying to tell me something in this whole mess.

Three hours and a billion or so different phone calls later, we were home, safe and sound. God bless seatbelts, because no one was hurt. Except for the cars, they weren’t doing so well after the accident.

So, that was my first accident. It wasn’t my fault, and everyone made it through without getting hurt. What more can you ask for? And the main lesson in all of this? Don’t go looking for excitement, you might end up in an accident.

Just kidding! But really, the universe is a funny place. Life, God, destiny, whatever you believe in, it definitely has a sense of humor (a little twisted, but a sense of humor nonetheless), and sometimes recognizing that humor is what can get you through some tough times.  You learn to laugh at a situation, and suddenly it feels a lot less scary.

What kind of irony has the universe given you?


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