“We are from ‘SAUGA! Mighty MISSISAUGA!”

If you went to frosh, you recognize that chant. If you didn’t go to frosh…well, that chant was from frosh.

In my previous post, I talked about how I met our principal, Professor Saini, last Friday, and he took my dad and me to the international student reception happening in the Council Chamber in the Civic Centre. Honestly, I knew nothing about the event prior to our meeting, but I was really glad I went.

Although I once lived in Canada and my family came back a lot after we moved, I didn’t know anything about Mississauga. At this meeting, not only did I get to meet Mayor McCallion (which was awesome!!), but I also learned a lot about Mississauga itself, which is good considering I kind of live here now so I probably should know things like how safe Mississauga is or how there are so many events happening all the time here.

During the Q&A session, I came to understand a lot about the legislative system and the future plans for Mississauga. Then we had time to go around to different booths, and of course, eat! Being the dork that I am, my very first connection to the city of Mississauga itself is a library card that I got at one of the booths. Included in our bags of free stuff (because, as we also established at frosh, everyone loves free stuff) was plenty of information about MiWay, the Youth Advisory Committee, and more. I learned about the “Culture Days Doors Open” happening from September 26-28, and about a bunch of upcoming events at the library, with something meant for every interest. From outdoor movie nights in Celebration Square, to guided tours of Mississauga’s museums, there’s always something to do.

There are always things happening at UTM, but getting involved in your community is as important as getting involved on campus. Local involvement is great for people on rez, but I think it is also something that commuters would enjoy. We’re all really lucky to have easy access to all these events in Mississauga.

If you want more information on the events happening in Mississauga, go to: http://www.mississauga.ca/portal/home

What events will you go to?

city hall mural


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