I don’t know about you, but when I was little, I was told that the way you knew the difference between spelling “principle” (your values) and “principal” (the person in charge of your school) was that the “principal is your pal.” It’s a cute little way for kids to understand the difference, but how many principals really consider their students as “pals”? Well, there is one such principal right here at UTM and I had the pleasure of being able to meet him on Friday.

Back when I came to see UTM, while I was still deciding what university I wanted to attend, my dad decided he wanted to meet the principal. Not gonna lie, it was mainly because my dad was excited about the fact that our principal is from Punjab, like us. When my dad drove up for the weekend to see me, he decided to include this pending meeting in this trip. Before our meeting, my dad and I stopped at a few other offices to get some other things done, and everywhere we went, when we told them that we were going to see the principal, they immediately said things like “Oh, he’s such a nice person!” It is impressive when every person goes out of their way to praise someone, but even so, I didn’t expect what would happen when we actually met him.

Despite all the wonderful things I had heard about our principal, I was still very surprised at how kind and welcoming Professor Saini was. I’m no one special; just one of thousands of students on campus. Yet, he welcomed me to UTM, told me all about things on campus (like a nature trail I still need to check out!) and invited me to stop by his office any time. How many principals out there will give a random student a “fatherly hug” and take her and her father with him to an event for students happening in Mississauga? Not many, but that is yet another thing that makes UTM special. I could easily see how much he cares about all of us students and about UTM in general. It seems that he really does try to put the “pal” in “principal”.

Have you seen Professor Saini around? What would you want to talk to him about?


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